33 Powerful Personal Year In Review Questions For 2020

Last updated on October 5th, 2020

Year in Review Questions and template

And again a year is almost over and it is time for the right year in review questions:

Today I’m going to introduce you to an eye-opening year-end ritual.

It includes powerful annual reflection questions and tips on how to review your year 2020. 

What's My Favorite Year End Ritual?

As the year comes to an end, I deliberately take time to look back on the past 365 days.

For this purpose I have put together 33 questions, which I ask myself in a quiet hour and answer them as far as possible.

Why Year in Review Questions?

What’s the point?

  • It makes me realize how rich this year has been. This realization would be lost without this review.
  • I gain insights that I can use for the coming year.
  • It is simply good to recall the small and big moments again.
  • For me, it is an enriching year-end closing and at the same time a nice start into the new year, making me aware of the past and looking forward to what lies ahead

My Advice: Find Yourself A Quiet Place for This Personal Q&A Annual Review

Perhaps you find a quiet hour during the days before New Year’s Eve to reflect on the past year.

The best place for this is where you feel comfortable and have undisturbed time for yourself.

This can be in bed before going to sleep, sitting in a cozy coffee shop or while taking a walk.

You can answer the questions that I will introduce to you below in your mind. But even better, print them out and note down your answers.

Here are my 33 Top Personal Year In Review Questions

here are the year end questions
  1. Was there a ‘first time’ in my life during the year? Did I do something for the first time? Did I go to a new place…?

  2. What abilities, skills or knowledge did I acquire that I did not have a year ago?

  3. What were the 5 best experiences of the year?

  4. Is there an event, a personal experience that has changed my view of the world or had a lasting effect on it?

  5. Which farewell or separation did I find difficult?

  6. Which person did I meet who (has) particularly enriched my life?

  7. What touched me in particular, both negative and positive?

  8. What was my biggest disappointment? And in retrospect, what positive things can I see in it now?

  9. Are there particularly valuable experiences that I have had?
    Which events will I probably never forget in my life?

  10. What would I not have believed if someone had predicted this to me a year ago?

  11. What have I done for my physical and mental health?

  12. Who or what was the biggest surprise for me?

  13. What was I wrong about, who was I wrong about? [Apology Tips & Apology Letters]

  14. What hurt me, what made me especially sad, angry?

  15. Which decision was most difficult for me?

  16. Which good decision did I make?

  17. What was the greatest physical, what was the greatest psychological challenge?

  18. What burdened me most?

  19. Who or what made me laugh heartily? When was the last time I really laughed?

  20. When and what made me feel especially loved?

  21. Which personal wish has been fulfilled, which goal have I reached? Or maybe even several?

  22. Have I made a new friend? If so, who?

  23. What would I not do again if I had the choice?

  24. Which book, which reading, which speech, which work has impressed me the most?

  25. What has changed for the better?

  26. What did not go as I imagined/desired/expected?

  27. What have I achieved, what achievement am I proud of?

  28. What unusual compliment did I receive?

  29. What or with whom did I spend too little time?

  30. Which problems have I left behind me, have they been solved?

  31. What worries and fears did I have that turned out to be unfounded?

  32. For what am I particularly grateful?

  33. What has become important to me that wasn’t a year ago?
Annual year in review questions and template

Tips on How To Review Your Year Regularly

Tip 1: Create a Personal Year In Review Collection

If you answer these questions in writing, and you do so on an annual basis, you will create an annual summary that compares to an annual diary. It is quite exciting and interesting to browse “through the years” as we grow older.

For such a yearly review collection, simply get a nice notebook or if you prefer it digitally create a folder in your email, online journal or To Do list app. Just answer the same questions every year.

Tip 2: Add Pictures to Your Year End Review

You probably take numerous photos during the year. Why not using these pictures for your personal year in review? Browse through your photos AFTER you have answered the questions. This will remind you of even more beautiful moments that you may have forgotten about.

Tip 3: Question each other

You may also consider to make it a joint annual review with your partner or spouse. Ask each other the questions, perhaps during a relaxing winter walk.

Did you like the annual review questions? Let me know in the comments below.

Do you have a question which we should add? Simply add it to your comment below.

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