How To Set Spotify As Alarm Clock on Android and iPhone (Updated 2020)

Last updated on September 24th, 2020

The other day, I thought of waking up to my favorite music instead of hearing this boring generic alarm sound I had set up a long time ago and never changed.

And indeed, picking a Spotify playlist as my alarm actually helped me on my monthly mission to wake up earlier and happier.

Here are my Spotify as Alarm Clock Tips!

1. Android

1.1 Samsung Phones

If you are using Samsung phones, such as S10 and S11, the Clock App allows you to simply select your Spotify playlist in the same way you select an alarm sound. (Make sure you have the Spotify App installed and at least 1 Spotify playlist ready)

  1. Click on the Clock App
  2. Set your alarm
  3. Tap on the “Alarm sound”
  4. Select Spotify
  5. Select your Playlist
  6. You are all set!
Samsung Alarm Clock App icon

This will always play the next song in your playlist. To keep it random, go into Spotify and reshuffle your list since the clock app will simply select and play your Spotify Playlist at where you left it.

Select Clock App
Set Alarm in Samsung Clock App
Set Alarm
Set Spotifiy as Alarm in Samsung clock app
Choose Spotify

1.2. Android Phones

For all other Android phones, download the Google Clock App from the Google Playstore.

It is by far the most popular clock app with over 500M downloads.

  1. Download and open Google Clock App
  2. Select “Alarm”
  3. Click on the ringtone icon
  4. Select Spotify and your favorite playlist
  5. You are all set and done!
Google Clock on PlayStore
Install Clock App
Set alarm in Google Clock App
Set Alarm
Google Clock Spotify
Select Spotify Playlist


Up to this point, there is no easy way to directly play your Spotify Playlist as an alarm on your iPhone. You cannot select Spotify within the native iPhone Clock App since the alarm feature only allows you to choose song from your own library on your iPhone.

Other favorite Alarm clock apps such as Alarmy do not support any Spotify playlist either.

The only option for iPhone users is a paid App by Daniel Gil, called Alarm for Spotify on the App Store.

It actually worked well on my iPad when setting it up before going to sleep. 

But some reviews indicate that there are still issues with the app, especially when you use other apps after you set your alarm. 

If you grave for waking up to your favorite Spotify songs and can spare a few bucks, give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments below.  

Spotify as Alarm for iPhone:

We update this post as soon as more options come up.

In this spirit, 

Wake up and be happy!

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