Guest Post: How To Clean Your Home 3 Times Faster

Last updated on September 16th, 2020

Let’s be honest, we have been applying all kinds of productivity boosting tools and habits to our daily (work) lives but when it comes to how to clean your home or apartment, many of us either lack motivation or clean without structure. 

I spoke to Gloria, a former domestic worker, who has helped many households (including mine) getting cleaned up. 

What has always impressed me most: how fast she turned an apartment which needs the “full program” into a spotless, comfy home. 

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Her secret is a simple yet strict routine she always sticks to and a few habits that get the important things done. 

This allows her to complete the “project” within 1-2 hours depending on the size of the apartment.

1. Start By Cleaning The Dishes

“I always start in the kitchen,” she says. 

This is a straightforward task and is often the most obvious and dirtiest spot of the house. If you had visitors the night before, you collect all plates, glasses, bowls – you name it – first. There is no dishwasher? It is time to clean them now.

 “The dishes will then have time to dry while you focus on the other parts of the house.” 

After the dishes you clean up all the appliances in the kitchen. While doing so feel free to swipe any leftovers, crumbs, or small pieces of rubbish onto the kitchen floor and leave it there for now.

Once you are done with cleaning your dishes, kitchen appliances, stove tops and surfaces, move on to part two:

2. The Bedrooms – Change The Sheets!

Right after cleaning the kitchen, it is time to focus on the bedrooms. 

There is no better feeling than slipping into a clean bed with brand new bed linen and sheets. Make this a routine when cleaning the bed rooms and always start with it. 

Take off the bed sheets and change them right away. Throw the dirty ones right into your washing machine. Do the same with matching clothes such as socks, t-shirts and underwear. Alternatively put them away into a laundry bag.

Now it is time to get rid of dusty surfaces by using a multi-surface cleaning spray. For dirtier surfaces and a lot of rubbish, wipe all of it off your cupboards, nightstands and tables onto the ground because you will mob later.
(Do not use this method if you have non-removable carpets). 

Tip: When you are cleaning your desk or table with a lot of clutter or paper documents on it, force yourself not to read them. Put them into a folder first so you are not getting distracted.

Done with the bedrooms? Great, now switch on the washing machine and move on to the living room.

3. The Living Room – Start with the big elephant in the room

No, Gloria doesn’t mean the wooden souvenir you brought home from your last Kenya safari. It is the sofa!

It usually has hidden breadcrumbs and all sorts of rubbish hidden behind the pillows, the corners and everywhere in/between.

Wipe all larger rubbish onto the ground again (make sure you can remove or flip any couch carpet first). Depending on the sofa type, now it is time to get your glorious vacuum cleaner and get these hidden pieces of dirt out of the corners.

After this tackle the couch table, TV, cupboards and other appliances with the cleaning spray and a smooth or soft cloth. Wipe any excess rubbish onto the ground. 

At this point, your kitchen, bedrooms and living rooms have turned completely clean above the ground while your floors in your home are covered with rubbish, hair, and junks of dust. 

4. Prepare The Floor

You have come a long a way and it is now time to to get rid of all those rubbish you identified and threw to the ground.

“Cleaning the floor is one of the most important tasks. When entering a room, seeing a mobbed floor just makes every home look cleaner and more comfortable,” Gloria says.

Use a broom and hoover first

Before starting the fun part and grabbing your mob, use a broom in every corner including bedroom, living room and kitchen to collect and throw the trash and large dust particles. 

After this you should now also use the vacuum cleaner to vacuum your carpets and rugs.

And finally, while you are at it, move your vacuum cleaner into the bathroom and use it to get rid of the most obvious dust particles, hair on surfaces, the sink, all bathroom corners and the floor.

Make sure the bathroom is completely dry at this point. 

5. Mob the Floor

It is time to use your mob and a proper floor cleaner which has disinfecting properties.

Some people also prefer to use bleach, this is up to you, but you may prefer one with a more comfortable smell since it usually stays for a couple of hours.

Start to mob in the bedrooms first, followed by the living room and the kitchen floor and not the bathroom just yet. 

6. The Home Stretch: Cleaning the Bathroom

Most people probably hate to clean the bathroom most. “It should be the last room to clean.”

Since you have come so far, it may be easier now since you may have developed a sense of perfectionism, the only room left is a relatively smaller room and completely tiled. 

Start by wiping all surfaces including the sink first, followed by the shower and the toilet last with a cleaning and disinfecting spray or liquid.

If you have a glass cleaner for the mirror, even better.

Once done, you can give the bathroom floor another round with your mob and floor cleaner and you are done with the bathroom.

7. The Wrap up

You are now super close to completing your cleaning project.

  • Your clothes and/or bed linen and sheets in your washing should be done by now. Hang them or put them in the drier. 
  • Your kitchen utensils, cups, glasses and dishes should be dry by now. Put them back into the drawers and cupboards.
  • Store away your cleaning utensils
  • Finally, throw away all garbage bags and replace them with new ones.
  • Congratulations, you learned how to clean your home faster and more effectively.

And most importantly:

When you are done, sit back, relax and have a cup of coffee! 

How to clean your home faster the coffee after

Photo credits:
Francesca Tosolini 

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