3 Best To-Do List Apps To Work Better in 2021

Last updated on September 16th, 2020

Some of us call them “To-do list apps”, “task management software”, “task planners” or “daily planner apps”.¬†

No matter how you call them, these handy tools are available on both mobile phones and web browsers and can give us an awesome productivity boost.

Let’s dive right in. Here are my top picks for 2021:

Click Up Screenshot

ClickUp launched in 2017 and has come a long way to earn one of the top spots.

Slogan: “One app to replace them all”

Best for: 
– The organized planner with comprehensive to-do lists.
– Small teams sharing tasks and working on multiple lists.

Key Features

When used as a to-do list app, ClickUp sticks out because of the following features:

  • Fresh new interface¬†
  • Robust Web and Mobile Apps that sync well
  • Offline mode
  • High levels of customization
  • Multiple views such as calendar, Kanban and Agile board
  • Custom task statuses and color coding
  • Goal Setting (and optionally budgeting)

My Favorite Special Feature:

ClickUp Chrome Extension

Create tasks, save websites as tasks, attach time to ClickUp tasks, capture, mark up, and edit screenshots, attach emails to tasks

What do Users like or don't like about ClickUp?

"ClickUp indeed allows to cut off various other tools and combines it into one task manager."

"The development team is open for feedback, there are constant updates and new features are added."

"The wide range of features can be overwhelming at the beginning and ClickUp has a bit of a learning curve. The customization options can also lead to spending a lot of time configuring the tool first."

"The ability to create and edit documents within ClickUp is a big plus. This also helps adding meeting notes and in this way have a cross reference to the task."

"Many ways to customize how to view tasks and to-do lists. The goal and budget setting features are great."


ClickUp comes with a free version which is limited to 100MB storage.

More features and storage come at US$5 per month, paid annually. 

Business and Enterprise plans include additional features, such as SSO login and API access, mindmaps, automations and more. 

To Sum It Up

A robust and powerful to-do list solution. 

Ideal for the serious planner. 

Not the right choice for all who need a more simplified task list app.

2. Evernote

more details to come

3. Todoist

more details to come

Potential Alternatives

Google Tasks and Monday.com

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