5 Best Live Webinar Software Platforms in 2021

Last updated on September 24th, 2020

Due to the worldwide lock downs throughout 2020, cancelled meetings and events, webinar software providers stepped up their game. 

This article examines the top webinar platforms when it comes to usability, reliability and price. 

These reviews are a combination of my own experience and common feedback I received from hosts as well as participants.
This post will be updated frequently.
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Tag: The most budget-friendly webinar solution

Zoom has become well-known in 2020 and everyone has started to use it for quick video conference calls and team meetings but it has actually been around since 2011.

For many smaller scale webinars, e.g. less than 100 participants, the basic Zoom meetings solution can be a real alternative to other more expensive solutions. 

Zoom’s dedicated webinar add-on solution comes with additional features, such as a PayPal integration to charge participants, more interactive features, including raising a hand, live polling, and Q&A, webinar recording and auto-generating transcripts, more participants and chat functionality that provides 1-1 and group chat options for
attendees and panelists. 

If you feel you need these professional features, pricing increases depending on the number of participants. 

Zoom updated its pricing for its Webinar solution:

Many users like Zoom’s user-friendly interface and many participants are used to it since they use Zoom for 1 on 1 meetings as well.

Its main advantage compared to its competitors: it is the cheapest option for smaller webinars and usually highly reliable.

Zoom is missing certain marketing features compared to the other Webinar platforms but it is quite a safe bet for small to medium sized webinars that need to be set up fast.

Try Zoom for Webinars

2. Webinarjam

Tag: Best Marketing Features

A common top recommendation is WebinarJam. 

Apart from having all webinar features you would expect, it puts its focus on marketing and conversion features. 

During a webinar, you can show one or more offers with timers to create scarcity and it comes with a decent set of funnel and registration pages. Additionally, the webinar can be replayed anytime in real-time mode which means that offers and polls will be visible during a replay as well. WebinarJam is also one of the most cost-effective solutions if you plan to host multiple events annually. It, however, does not offer a monthly plan.

Over all connection and stability and the overall lag varied during our testing, but this was no difference to most other tools.

3. BigMarker

Tag: The All-Rounder

BigMarker is a webinar solution that can provide you with all the features you would expect from a webinar tool, such as guest chat, Q&A, polls, and document sharing. 

It allows the user to create 7 types of webinars and it is easy to build a landing page to generate leads using the templates provided. 

BigMarker is recommended because it covers most use cases although the features are not the best-executed ones. 

BigMarker has a relatively high cost, it therefore only makes sense if you use the offered marketing features so you won’t need to purchase other solutions to complement your virtual event.

4. Vimeo

Tag: worth looking at

Vimeo’s annual live streaming plan has originally been built to live stream to a large audience, but it now also comes with basic webinar features, and more are expected to be added soon.

If you plan to live stream to a bigger crowd or do not want any viewer limitations, this solution may be worth looking at for your next webinar as well.

5. Airmeet

Airmeet is relatively new player and just received a fresh funding round of USD 12 million.

The software brings a fresh and user friendly touch to connecting communities together online. 

Airmeet still lacks marketing features other Webinar providers have such as WebinarJam.

Its platform, look and feel and usability for attendees and hosts however earns it a top spot. 

More features are expected to be coming soon and we keep updating our full Airmeet review here.

A highlight is Airmeet’s lounge which allows attendees to mingle and sit on virtual chairs to start mini-group chats before the main event starts.

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