3 Best Free German Online Tests in 2020 (Placement Test)

Last updated on September 17th, 2020

The Best Free German Online Test

Looking for the best free German online test? 

Here are 3 of the best tests I came across. These include A1 and A2 German tests, which go up to B1 and C2.

All of them include audio (Hörverstehen), text (Leseverstehen) and grammar questions.

This test by the German Goethe institute starts slowly but gets pretty tough at the end. 🙂

You will receive a straightforward feedback after you completed the test. The feedback however does not include any placement or official level such as A1 – C2.

You can check the correct answers after the test. 

Goethe best free german online test

Here is another great test by Expath.

This is a dynamic test, so the questions change depending on your answers. 

Once you have completed the test you immediately see your German language level and placement A1 – C2. 

Result placement test german

This test is split up into 4 different sections of 10 to 15 questions each. The sections comprise 2 grammar, 1 vocabulary and 1 reading comprehension block.

It does not include audio but has several short texts to practice your “Leseverstehen”. 

At the end you get the overall percentage of your right answers as well as a breakdown for each section.

Deutsche Welle has several German language online test exercises on its website for A1 to B1 levels. 

These are not tests but rather test questions which allow you to collect points for every right answers.

You are told immediately after each question if you answered correctly and will be able to see the right answer.

It contains grammar, audio and small text exercises.

5. More Free German Online Tests

  • The language test from deutsch-lernen.de is free and takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

    You begin by choosing the correct answers for ten simple questions; if you answer at least 80% of the questions correctly, you progress to the next level and so on. Depending on how far you get, you are classified between ‘beginner’ and ‘intermediate 2’ etc.

  • This test by the German Language School Berlin puts you a bit under pressure because you have 30 minutes to complete the online test. It only has 63 text-based multiple choice questions but it gets quite challenging towards the end.
    Once done, it will show you how many questions you answered correctly and tells you your German placement level A0 – C2. (Yes they do have A0 😉

    You won’t see the correct answers though, contact me if you need those.

Which test did you like most? Let me know in the comments below.

I see to add more of the best free German online tests over time and update this post regularly.

Why taking a language test anyway?

If you are learning German you may love or hate these tests. 

They have however various advantages:

Languages tests reveal your strengths and weaknesses

Is it the grammar that gives you headaches, or do you have problems listening and understanding conversations? Knowing this lets you focus on your weaknesses and feel good about your strengths.

Learning Faster By Setting Deadlines

Language tests can help you to set and stick to deadlines and can significantly speed up your learning curve. 

If you set a specific dead for the test, you have no other choice than to work hard because you do not want to pass. 

Know Your Proficiency and Add it To your Resume

A language placement test gives you the confidence to add your current German proficiency to your Resume and LinkedIn profile. Update it as you improve, you deserve it. 

If you like to spice up your German, check these expressions and “Redewendungen” only German native speakers use

Learning strategies and motivation

Learning a language can be quite tedious and frustrating at time. The key is consistency and motivation. Try to find a native German speaker for weekly language classes. These can be easy going conversations or lessons to dig deeper on grammar and Hörverstehen. You may also try some of the language learning apps. Many of them are free. The idea is to get engage with the language for at least 5 minutes daily on these apps, if you are tired, just do some repetition of older lessons and vocabulary.

Apart from testing your German with these best free German online tests, try these learning strategies (coming soon) to learn faster and more effectively.

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