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Hi! My name is Boris Barreck. Welcome to my blog.

I am a German-born entrepreneur.  I worked for various international tech companies and experienced first-hand the transition from start-up culture into corporate life. 

I now live in Hong Kong and started the blog in 2020.

That’s the blurb. But here is the full story:

Boris Barreck Profile

My Story:

As far as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be in control of my own life. To do so I wanted to start my own business, on my terms, and become – as I proclaimed it – fully “independent”.

In my early 20’s it turned out that the place where I wanted to do all this was in the Far East: Hong Kong!

The problem was, there was no handbook to follow to make this happen.

To me and back then, there was only one ‘logical’ answer to this problem: 

Push towards it with a reckless No Matter What Attitude. And go All-in.

And this is what I did.


2018! I had set up my company in Hong Kong, had received an investment visa from the Hong Kong government and became a permanent resident with life-long right to abode a few years later. The business, by then profitable, served a local niche with 200 corporate customers. 

Mission completed.


It was something unthinkable 10-12 years earlier, and my absolute goal since I was a teenager. 

The previous years had felt like a roller-coaster ride: high paced, rough, sometimes crazy, and the time passed by in record time.

I had been in some kind of trance. A flow of constant struggle, self-doubt, excitement, and ambition.

Sheer Effectiveness over Efficiency...

My 20’s and early 30’s were all about doing everything that seemed right to get closer to my goal. And nothing else.

Spending too much time on making things perfect or efficient was secondary.

‘Better done than perfect’ turned out to be “successful” to get what I truly wanted, fast!

Needless to say, friendships and family relationships that did not seem to be aligned towards my goal suffered or got neglected.

Simply something what was set out to do... 

On his blog, Darius Foroux answers the question what determines success or a successful person. To him, it is “simply someone who achieves what they set out to do”.

Nothing more and nothing less.

And indeed, when I finally got my imaginary “crown and symbol of success” – the permanent residency in the country of my choice – a question appeared out of nowhere: 

So What Next... ?  [Silence]

The effectiveness, all the energy, the no-matter-what-mentality, somehow had fulfilled their purpose.

And it seemed like this trio had moved on to somewhere else where they were needed.

Job done, thanks, take care!

I had never thought of something like the arrival fallacy (in fact I didn’t even know it existed) or some sort of a “Post-Olympic depression” that some athletes experience after an important competition. But did this really happen to me?

When it was obvious that I am going to reach my long-term goal, I tried to switch to the next obvious motivator everyone goes for: making money!

But it just wasn’t the same.

What was missing was this flow, that feeling of being on track and moving towards something bigger.

What happens when you achieve your ultimate goal in life? 

I still remember I even went on Quora to look for answers to the question “What happens when you achieve your ultimate goal in life?” and found 2 remarkable short answers:

“You realize that it was not the ultimate goal.”

And another reply commented on the dilemma of perpetuating mediocre goal setting:

“Set an unachievable goal.​”

It would take me quite some time to have the guts to think these thoughts through with all their consequences.  

After more than a year of a “normal” yet fun life in Asia, I felt I am still leading an idle life without purpose and direction.

I Had To Take Action

I told myself that this is not going to get better and I needed to tackle the following:

I had to find out what I really want next. What and where was my purpose?

And more technically, I wanted to find out what actually made me reach my life goals in record time.

And this was the time when I started

The German Beaver

In my late twenties, I was already aware that I accomplish the most when leading a prod(a)ctive lifestyle.

Being physically and mentally active turned into bold and effective decision making for me.

I literally turned into a little “German beaver”.

Enjoying that lazy day at the beach was fun sometimes but dedicating my time and effort, even in minute quantities (or inches), towards my goal, just made me happier.

By envisioning myself as a beaver – this little productive and industrious creature that creates and builds amazing dams and lodges – I reactivate habits and mindsets that made so much possible in the past. 

Together with this mindset comes the German Beaver’s tool box: This tool box are packed with strategies, productivity tips and software I used and still use to support my productive lifestyle.

This website is currently my side project and under constant construction and development.

I appreciate all your comments and feedback to keep it going and bring it to life.

Coming soon...

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